My name is Tonya I'm a qualified Empath Energy Counselor, Intuitive Empath but mostly powerful in healing energy.  The energy of a stranger is felt in great depth just by being in your presence or simply walking by you.

For many years strangers would approach me to speak of their deepest of secrets, problems, pains in life and hurt.  Often times I wondered why this was happening to me, until after losing my husband I began to start seeing things differently, strengthening my abilities, seeing the world in the rebirth of starting over.

With many abilities from manifesting to healing the hurt and pain of others, Grief Coaching has become a part of my life as well. Open minded and full of compassion and love I see all souls.

One story sticks out very clear in my mind as well as in my heart a stranger, a man sat next to me in tears speaking of his dark past afraid he would go to hell, I looked to the man with compassion to say "I truly believe if your sorrowful as you are now than that should not be a fear you have right now, he instantly smiled.  This man wanted to be validated, loved and seen.

From the highest of myself I heard the message "you were put in this world to heal the most painful of people, you are here and the universe supports your gifts, you are protected and no longer need to hide in worry of what others may think.  This is why the universe has sent the most painful filled people into your life, this is why you are sent into places to shift the energy of the darkest of places.


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Be proud of every step you take toward your mental health no matter how big or small...

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