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Vision Board To Reality


Have you ever tried to see something in your mind yet felt it just wasn’t right or felt absolutely nothing? The vision you tried seeing just wasn’t there. That to me is a sure sign that what you are trying to fit into is just not right or maybe just not the right time. However to determine what your trying to vision is it because you truly can’t or is it fear standing in your way making you doubt what it is your trying to see in your mind.

Finding that place where you do believe you can be, letting go of all negativity is a place of reality that is yours in your reach, that special place is where dreams are made to become your reality. Yes just because you can vision it does not mean tomorrow it will be, it means if you believe in you, truly believe in you and all of what you see than the day will be, no matter how long or how fast, that vision is yours to keep dreaming, to keep working for.

Finding a place in you where all of you belongs, finding that each dream that becomes a reality the bigger your dreams become. Taking the time out of your days to just be all in the moment, taking the time to vision that vision, being quiet, seeing it over and over again each day, finding it in you to be grateful for the little things that happen, finding it in you to keep your strength when you sometimes get discouraged, side tracked, knocked down. It’s in the laying down where you just know that it has not knocked you down for good; you just like the view for a little while lying down. Look up to see the clouds above, the sun, everything that surrounds you.

It’s OK to take a break once in a while but never forgetting getting back up is always how it will be. If someone ever told me what it is I vision is not doable, I’d smile in knowing that they just don’t know what it is they are missing. It’s not in others to decide where you will be anyway, I say in the nice way what it was I would say, although some out there truly need to see in others that they too can vision whatever it is they want from their life, that seeing you dream your dreams could very well encourage another to do so as well.

Love the saying “When life knocks you down….calmly get back up, smile and very politely say, you hit like a bitch”. Rephrase that line when it is someone who tries knocking you down for the dreams that you hold.

So this blog is dedicated to my vision board, brought to my blog here in this post, part of it anyway. Thought that since so much has been happening around me I’d do a post, since my husband passed it’s been a fire of passion burning in my heart to love those that grieve, to look to them is to see myself, what they struggle through, what pain they get dragged through, the moments after moments of ups and downs, the feelings of how good you may be doing than find out within seconds your back down eyes full of tears feeling as though the very first day you said good bye.

Seeing here I am two years later and still have those emotions, that through it so much has been taught to my heart, my soul, my whole being. Knowing out there some in silence are afraid, seeing the abandonment of others lost around those that grieve that simply are uncomfortable, that don’t know how to approach grief is what ignites the fire in my heart to be the ONE to touch hearts all over the world about grief, about how so many struggle in darkness due to feeling there is no one to understand them, that no one wants to hear them.

Blessed are those that mourn, for they will be comforted” Matthew 5:4.

The last month has been all about new things for me, getting all out of my comfort zone and fighting to be where I needed to be, yet in the fighting I noticed how easy it was once I seen that the fear has no power over you once you make up your mind to just do it, to fight it, that is what is so special to those that grieve we are always finding ourselves in the new, we are always fighting to be out of our comfort zone, we are always fighting fear that once you stop to see it all you realize just where you are supposed to be, the visions of your dreams become bigger, your determination becomes strong.

Once you understand that the fighting has no meaning no more you understand that every day you are out of your comfort zone, this makes me want to jump, knowing just how close you can be if you become that person that is always out of your comfort zone. It’s not about finding people to notice you it is about people noticing you, people seeing you always out of your comfort zone, it’s in those moments you attract the entire positive to you that you can. It’s about asking the big ask and not hesitating in what the answer will be because if it is not a go now, does not mean it won’t be one day. I always use to say “I have to fight for everything I want in life”, but really it’s the fighting that brings your belief, it brings you fearlessness, it brings you WAY far away from where you once never thought you could move from.

Saying NO to me now is not a punch to my gut, it does not no longer bring me down to give up in what I believe will be, it brings me my determination that no don’t mean no for everything nor forever. No doesn’t mean forever, it just means not yet”. This week I start my talk show here in Canada for grieving, I know deep down if this does not turn out the way I vision that it will be ok, it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be, the vision I will keep visioning to one day being in a different bigger way, I know deep down the fire in my heart for this is far too big to be fizzed out.

It’s the same for anything anyone can see themselves doing, once it happens it may not be how you feel it should be but does not mean it ends there if deep in your desire is bigger than anything. It is seeing all the visions you vision become your reality that is proof that what you can see is what you can get. It’s about accepting all the little things knowing like a snowball it becomes bigger and bigger with no exceptions of giving up or stopping. Looking back to the person I was to who I am now is the vision I had in my mind to be, yet still day by day I grow, I see more and more, I see others that knowing in them lays a dream, just like me that person I look to is connected to me as well.

Each and every day in the beginning of my grief I sat outside to see all around me, to close my eyes visioning myself free of pain, free of the harsh memories of sickness, flashbacks disappearing, to open my eyes knowing each day that the pain of it all was there yet as I vision it was lightening up, that in it was a gift in my heart. Some days you do feel the doubts, you feel further away than you did the day before but it don’t mean that you are, it just means life is not perfect, that there are no set dates, no expiry dates on the visions you have.

In four hours it will be my Birthday and all I can think of is where is my husband passed? He should be with me on this day, so I will close my eyes and remember a Birthday he was there, I’ll remember our love never went anywhere that because of him is what ignited the unconditional love in my heart to be that SOMEONE to all that grieve. Through all of my dreams coming true, I look to see where he is since he was always the first I’d run to and tell full of excitement, now I know deep within me it is known to him, that he smiles in knowing I’m chasing my dreams that I had in me all along, no longer afraid.

Being grateful for the little things that have been accomplished to me feel like the greatest ones that my heart could ever see happen. It’s not about the big all the time, sometimes it’s in the baby steps you find the big miracles that you thought could of never been. Too many believe to get higher in life is to help themselves on their own due to wanting to be there first, that there is no room for others to be where they are or to be doing what they do, life is not a competition, life is about taking as many people as you can by the hand and walking with them, helping them to where they need to find themselves, you will get to where you need to be in time, there is no race or challenge.

This was a hard lesson for me to learn but once learned your heart truly opens to life as it should be. Don’t let yourself be so busy that each day you can’t take out 30 seconds to be quiet and vision in your heart what it is you want in your life, 30 seconds every day is worth seeing that vision become your reality. Don’t ever forget about the blessings that are now, the little blessings that have become what opened you to see that the bigger is doable.

I love knowing in my heart that doing what I do I prove to my little girl she can be anything she believes she can as long as she keeps visioning it, believing it, dreaming it, that even though her daddy is not here he is in her, he sees her accomplishments and hugs her heart, nothing goes unseen. That as one parent I represent us both with the love we share with the bond of all our love as a family, even though not seen his love grows as we grow.

Ninety percent of my vision board has become reality leaving me to vision the bigger, the bigger you vision the more room you have to grow into it all. Now I create a bigger board, with bigger visions knowing in them all lays no expiry dates, no time limits, to just keep seeing in my mind what it is I can be, I can do.

Too many stop too early due to being knocked down, criticized, doubted, it is up to you to take that all to understand where it is coming from, not one person can keep you from what it is you truly want in your life if you let them. To rise above is to show them that they too should start seeing what it is they want in their life knowing it can be one day.

To dream the impossible dream To fight the unbeatable foe To bear with unbearable sorrow To run where the brave dare not go
To right the unrightable wrong To love pure and chaste from afar To try when your arms are too weary To reach the unreachable star
Lyrics By: Joe Darion

If you can see it, if you can feel it, than one day it will be. Some may feel it should be soon, that what they dream should be now, it’s not about time it is about believing no matter what to forget about time that one day it will be. Look back on your life to see the things you have already done that before done you never thought you could do it, yet deep in your heart was the strength and voice telling you that “you can”. It’s not about out shinning the other, it’s not about having to be the better one, it is about being the true full you and letting other see you shine, that not one person gets to be where they need to, that in us all in this big world it is for us all to be where we want to be. Helping others through theirs is truly a way to show others that it’s not done on your own.

Find all of your visions to vision it every single day until one day you open your eyes and it are your reality. Giving up is to close down your heart, your soul, your life, however to dream a different dream is also sometimes what our heart is trying to tell us. Do what it takes write it down, see it in your mind, post it to your board, all actions bring it closer to where you are. If you can’t dream than life is not truly being lived. Everyone deep in their hearts has a purpose speaking to them they maybe they just are not hearing, if it gets quiet enough you will hear it, if it gets annoyed that you’re not hearing it you will be told loud and clearly. Don’t be afraid to see the bigger picture of where you want to be, in that scared feeling is where you will find yourself soon enough out of the comfort zone you put there. Somewhere in us all is a fighter, a fighter of dreams, belief, love.

Don’t let others define your visions, let you down, doubt yourself, feel unworthy, in this world we are all worthy it is just not easy, yet through it all in the end is worth it, in the end you find yourself finding more and more of dreams knowing in your heart it all can be. One day at a time, one vision at a time, one foot step at a time we all will be. If you allow yourself to feel conquered than you bring that into and your mind believes it. Focus on now, focus with all your heart to the things already accomplished, don’t let the fear get to you, don’t let it confine you. Fear is your vision dressed in scary, unfold it to see your vision, your dream, jump out of your comfort zone to see it isn’t hard like you felt so badly it was, the more you do it the more you are away from it that soon enough your living in pure fearlessness.

NOTE TO ALL: sometimes the fear that bounds us to our comfort zone will be all around us, it is not fear that is in charge, your vision is all you need, keep visioning with belief and that will drive out fear anytime it comes around. It is normal from time to time to feel that fear but remind yourself what it is that happens once you push past it. Take out your vision board to see just how it life will be one day, know that we are not bonded to just a single dream, we are as many dreams as we can see our self being. I used to be that girl that truly thought a dream was just that a dream, nothing of realness, now today I know that a dream is your reality if you let it be.

Prayers to the good Lord because we all know he can dream a bigger dream than we could of never imagined. Know in your heart if God won’t ever give up on you than why should you? Remember 30 seconds every day to yourself in the quiet of nature all around you are where your visions are building to become your reality. It may come affect in a different way; however it will be in a bigger way than ever imagined, use your purpose in life to light your way. Shine your own don’t worry about those that can’t handle it because soon enough they will learn from you, than you will continue to show others they can be who they vision to be, than that’s when you truly know you’re on the path your supposed to be.

Write, read it over and over, vision board, quiet of nature is all where it starts.


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