Below you will find the services available to you. All sessions must be done via email, video chat to ensure the most accurate results. Please contact us for any personal queries

Energy Shifting


Love, Grief, Pain, Depression, Anxiety all hurt and having negativity energy can affect your life. Not only can it affect your mental well-being but your physical well-being. Let's get rid of negativity once and for all. 

Grief Coaching


You don't have to suffer alone, use key elements to rid the pain. Tonya has extensive experience in grief coaching and can help you learn coping strategies that work. 

Manifesting, Meditation & Healing

A certified Riki Master, Tonya is skilled in areas to help you find common ground through mindful meditation, angelic healing ways to harness the energy you posses and help you manifest ways to discover, challenge and reach your potential dreams. 


All counselling includes love, passion and healing to help you cope with anything you need to face.

Energy Counseling - 60 min session 

Grief Coaching - 60 min session

Manifesting Counseling - 60 min session

Meditation - 60 min session

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